ICA Member Web Offer

​You may have felt for sometime now that you should have a website (you may not be quite sure why you should have one, but everyone else seems to have one, so maybe there is 'something in it!'), but have never got round to it, either because of the great expense involved, or the time it would take you to either do it yourself, or find someone to do it for you.

Here is our solution - let us handle everything for you.
All you need to do is give us some information about your business, and preferably some images to use, and we will build a website for you - remember the more information, and the more images you provide, the more 'personalised' your website will be.

There are four main components to any website:-

Domain Registration - this is the 'Name' of your site - in our companies' website case this is "syntaxsoftware.com". This is an annual recurring cost, as international bodies 'issue' these names.
We would suggest we obtain either a '.co.uk' or '.com' domain name for you. This is the 'name' you would use in all your publicity.

Design - this is the cost associated with the initial set up of the site, and any associated 'add-ons'

Hosting - Your website needs to 'live' somewhere on the internet, once again this is a recurring charge, as physical computer systems will need to be maintained (in our case in the States), to 'host' you website

Maintenance - Even though hopefully you will be more than happy with your website 'on delivery', periodically you may require changes - 'Special Offers', 'Special Events' etc that you may wish to publicise on your website.



The cost for the Standard Website Package is a one off cost of £250 (covering all initial design, and registration), and a recurring monthly charge of £25 - this covers both hosting and on-going domain registration.

Whilst you can have many 'pages' on your website, we would suggest as a minimum having :-

  • Home Page - General welcome page, including some photos of your business
  • Contact Page - Preferably with a google map showing where you are, opening hours, contact details
  • History - There is often a lot of history behind your business - now is the time to document some of that history
  • Awards - If you have any awards, here is the place to shout about it!
  • Other Attractions - if you offer other products/services - tell people!
  • Special Events - having an Easter Bunny, or Santa round - let folks know!
  • Products - Tell folks what they can expect to find, or what they can purchase

These are just suggestions, there may be much more you want to include - the choice is yours.

(We could provide you with a website similar in functionality to this website - www.syntaxsoftware.com, as a 'Standard Package' - needless to say, totally personalised to your company!)

NO CHARGES will be made until you are totally happy with your site, then we will charge the initial set-up fee, and a year 'up-front' monthly charges.

Maintenance will be charged at a nominal fee of £20 per change - irrespective of the size of the change - this is mainly to encourage you to 'group' any changes you required - these charges will be added to you next annual invoice, on the anniversary of your website going live (at the same time as the next years on-going charges are billed)

Search Engine Rankings - The goal of any website is to appear on the 'first page' of any web search engine, and whilst we can help in this (keywords and tags within your website) the best way to improve rankings is by the number of visitor you have to your site, so you should also promote your website - signs, vehicles, adverts etc.
Please note: Usually it takes around 1-3 months to appear in Google search, however there are millions and millions of sites out there, and getting noticed by your target audience can prove tricky.




Includes all the Standard package, plus any (or all) of these features:-

​Google Calendar - Log in to your account, and set up events on your personal calendar - these events will automatically and immediately appear on your website

​Instagram Feed - Take a photo on your iPhone/iPad/iTouch and you can immediately place it on your website - edit/crop/adjust prior to upload. 


​Tumblr Feed


​Blogger Feed - create you own 'blog', update on-line, and your 'blog' will appear on your site


Standard Package Price, plus £7.50/month

eCommerce - Sell Products Online

Premium Package Price, Plus £7.50/month, Plus £75 One Off Initial Set-up 

All of these costs are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate - billed annually on the anniversary if the first invoice.