Ice Cream Alliance Members

Ice Cream Expo 2022 Offer

As a member of the ICA you may recently have received a mailshot offering to link members websites from the main ICA website.

During this exercise it became apparent that a lot of ICA members didn't have websites, so Syntax [the company that provides the 'in-house' computer software to 'run' the ICA] has offered to create fully functioning websites, including Registration, Design and Hosting (ie 'the full package'!) to any ICA member, at a discounted price.


Take a look at an example website we have created, but remember - as part of the design process we would prefer to have your images (as many as you want) and your text to accompany the images (once again, as much as you want) so the website WE create will be fully personalised to YOUR COMPANY.

On this demonstration website you will also see the 'additional features' button.

The basic package includes as many web 'pages' as you desire, however the features 'behind' the 'Additional' button are available at slight extra charges (this is as most companies will NOT require these features, so there is no point us charging everyone for these features, when only a few will use them).


Click on Image to go to website